Prayers Please

My apologies for not being active on my Facebook and on this site lately. Let me get straight to it. 2 weeks ago I bought 2 new phones and it turned out they were 5g phones. 3 days later I am stricken with headaches, night sweats, confusion, etc. etc. Once I realized the root cause of the issues was the 5g phone, they were put out commission. For a week, I spent time trying to rebuild my body due to the radiation damage. It has been painful but I was making progress. Going into the 2nd week and abscess tooth showed its head. Due to my immunity not being fully recovered the normal protocols has not been as effective as i need it 2 be. So today, I decided its time to used the herbs and the knowledge the Most High Ahayah has blessed me with to heal and reclaim this body. I am weak, but I am using all of my strength to produce herbal teas & immunity support blends. Keep me and my house in your prayers.

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