My journey to a more natural lifestyle began in 2014 after I was diasnosed with hypertension. My numbers were 204/100. I should have had a stroke an enlarged heart or worst I should have been dead. I decided to go to the ER to address this concern. I was given 3 narcotics to KEEP my blood presusure in check. After less than a week of taking the medication I had to rush right back to the ER. I had an allergic reaction to a pill that made my uvula swell. I was told if I hadn't come when I came I would have been deceased. 

Now I was always apprehensive on modern medicine and this scenario was the final straw. I contacted a master herbalist and was taught how to reverse my condition naturally and within 2 weeks my hypertension was reversed and I was off medication. 

From that moment I decided to learn as much as I can about natural healing. At the behest of my wife I decided to use this platform to provide helpful information free of cost.  My wife also studied the herbs and now has her products on this site.

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