My journey to a more natural lifestyle began in 2014 after the birth of my first child. After spending 4 months in the NICU due to extreme pre termed birth (15 weeks early), I observed many medical treatments which left her with unnatural occurrences, including an unbalance in hormones. I realized this issue not only stemmed from medical treatments while in the NICU but from chemicals in products that were used to accelerate her growth. My daughter's journey became my inspiration to pursue a more natural approach towards better health and wellness which began the pursuit of OASA'S PRODUCTS.

Unfortunately I did not fully grasp how herbs worked and how to properly use them. I was deceived into taking a particular medication, unknowing that if I started taking that medication my blood pressure will jump sky high if I stopped without an assistance from a doctor. Well I stopped and my pressure jump to the low to mid 200s over 150. I was once again prescribed 3 more "skittles" and I had a side effect that almost ended my life. It was at that time I decided to pursue natural intervention. I contacted a Master Herbalist and he taught me how to reverse high blood pressure. Under his teachings, my blood pressure returned to normal without medication after 2 weeks. I took his lessons and began to learn from other herbalist and have began my journey in assisting others.


 Prayerfully,  we can assist those in need and help our brothers and sisters regain their health and overcome the American diet by providing a store where natural products can be sold. We have teamed up with Live by Soil, LLC to assist individuals by having them take responsibility for their health on all levels. They offer assistance selling herbal supplements, nutrition information, home crafted soaps, body butters, among other natural products. 

Your health is what you make it, all we need is a made up mind and determination to bring our health to its optimum state.


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