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Renew the mind

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

If you believe in something then it may come to fruition (good or bad). Take control of the stronghold on your mind that's holding you back, because it's just that, in your mind. Renewing our mindset to believe in life will help us attain love and peace from the inside.

It may be a thing you are really hoping to achieve yet fear & doubt appears at every thought. Discipline your mind to tell those thoughts that those things are lies. In our system of education we are rarely taught the path to freedom.

When you walk a path that is not normally taken, being uncertain comes with the territory. Some say they have faith, but if you don't take any action to obtain the thing you believe in, that means your faith is dead.

Renew your thoughts and rethink your processes. The journey to your dream is never drama free and rarely comes with assurances. The one thing you & I know, we will never let ourselves fail. You must jump in, in order to have your parachute open.

Renew, rethink, and retrain your mind.

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