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Don't Let FEAR Answer for You

In my many conversations regarding medical decisions with hope of using the natural way to heal I often hear the words, "I'm afraid..." or "I fear..."

Whenever we face adversity, decisions need to be made, the question isn' is it the right decision? It's did you make a clear, sound, and informed decision? We are conditioned to believe a doctor knows wht's best for us, however that is not the case. Who lives with the consequences of that decision? We do, not them! That doesn't mean the physician cannot provide insight on what they believe is the problem. For example they say you have hypertension, have them check your pressure again before you leave. Then you check it when you are more relaxed at home. If the outcome is very high (ie: 155/100) then you need to get information on how to lower your blood pressure permanently. Physicians tend to treat the symptom not the ailment. They will give your a prescription, take it even fill it, just know it is your responsibily to understand the risks that comes with that mediciation. I made the mistake of taking 3 "skittles" for my hypertension and it almost killed me. I didn't know what effects the medication would have on minorities, on men, on women. I also took the pills even though I didn't want to because I was fearful of outcome if I didn't take them.

Fear was present and I did not think clearly on what were risks and my options. It took me almost dying to understand that in order to make any decision fear cannot be present. I wasn't just fearful of the my health, it also the price of the alternativel. The medical system has convinced us the cheap way is the best way. How much do you value your life? I made up my mind that I'd rather be healed and broke, then be sick with a little money. See a healthy, broke person can make money again; a sick person with a little money may not live to enjoy what they have with the quality of life (ie: dialysis, kidney transplant, etc.)

The same goes for dentists, If you have an issue, go get the information on what the problems are and their solution. You are still in control with the end result, not them. That doesn't mean argue with them or blatanly be combative on the issue. See doctor visits is just for information gathering. Regardless of the diagnosis GET THE INFORMATION!

Now you are empowered without fear to think clearly & make a decision. The remedy the doctor may suggest could be a procedure that doesn't effect you negatively or you could research an alternative and request an alternative procedure to be done (if you discover they also do alternative methods like SDF for cavities other than fill them with mercury or resin filling with SDF for children).

FEAR only allows you to see the negative outcome and be tunnel visioned to where the decision you make would be a detriment in the long term. Remember the outcomes we want is a REMEDY THAT WILL NOT HARM OUR BODY LONG TERM OR A REMEDY THAT HERBS CAN ASSIST WITH REBUILDING THE BODY AFTER THE PROCEDURE WHICH NEGATES THE NEGATIVE .

Sometimes their methods are needed, sometimes it is not, just do not allow FEAR prevent you from information to make a clear, confident decision.

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