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Erectile Dysfunction

ED is more common more during this time than ever. One of the main causes is OUR DIET. Sugar is the enemy of the penis. High sugar content destroys the penis. Notwithstanding the constant attack on health via the food industry, we are adding to our issues with our diet. The body does all it can to withstand the attacks but at some point it gets exhausted and ED occurs among other things. To correct this issue we must address it with our diet for long term results.

Our diet must address blood flow. Sluggish blood flow effects more than just the penis but for the sake of this blog we will address the male sex organ. One must minimize the sugar intake and consume green leafy foods such as kale, spinach (dark leafy greens), berries & melons (including dark grapes), while minimizing meat intake as well.

Herbs that address ED are horny goat weed, potency wood, yohimbe, gingko, hawthorn berries, & MACA (It should be noted that they are many herbs that will address ED). Herbs can be taken as a tea or in pill form. Once must also cleanse the gut to reverse any imbalance in the body. Caution must be taken if you have high blood pressure while consuming Yohimbe, Potency Wood, & Horny Goat Weed. They will increase blood flow which may increase your chances of heart attack or stroke.

Magnesium and L-Arginine are other minerals and supplements that will open the blood vessels that will lower blood pressure.

In todays culture we are looking for quick fixes to address long term problems. The quick fix only delays the inevitable of long term damage. A lifestyle change is required if the body is to return to its healthy state.

"Optimum Performance" can assist with ED. It contains the herb that will assist in regaining your strength back. It must be taken with magnesium powder drink 30-45 mins before action. If your diet is counter to the assistance it may take longer to work or it may not at all. One must address the root cause for the remedy.

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