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Ginseng comes in many forms (American & Asian); the herb is used to reduce stress, boost energy, lower blood sugar, promote relaxation, treat sexual disfunction in men, & reduce cholesterol. It may also stimulate mental activity for individuals who may have fatigue syndrome. Another function of the herb is to aid in immunity function. This is due to the ginsenosides component in ginseng. Red ginseng is used to assist with male sexual disfunction (combining with potency wood assist with sexual performance). Studies has also shown that red ginseng also helps fight against influenza viruses,

Panax Ginseng is a Chinese herb it is used to regenerate energy, it is used to increase memory & brain function. It also helps with coughs related to lung weakness. Panax Ginseng also normalizes blood pressure and reduce arteriosclerosis,

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) provides energy which fights fatigue, it is effective in lowering blood pressure, stimulating adrenal function, and raising sexual vitality. A secondary function is to relieve arthritis and congestive problems, scubas heart disease & chronic respiratory ailments.

Ginseng must be avoided during pregnancy, if you have high blood pressure, or when taking major drug medications.

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