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Goat Milk Kefir

Goat Milk Kefir is a cultured probiotic that has a texture of yogurt but has powerful probities to assist your body. It is one of the products that is highly effective to fight tooth decay. Some of the benefits GMK is that it is calcium, vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, magnesium, phosphorus, & fat soluble vitamins. GMK provides your body with highly affective vitamins & minerals that will assist in naturally reverse tooth decay. It is said that if you take enough GMK for one week, you will be able to see the change. The probiotic has health benefits for children; 1. Help resist infections, 2 helps with digestion problems, 3 build strong teeth & bones, 4 a potentent probiotic food. Raw dairy provides the needed nutrients that is needed to strengthen your bones & teeth.

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