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How to Deal With Acne

How does one deal with acne? Should I use herbs, is it my diet?

Teenage acne is a hormone related issue. Testosterone on the sebaceous skin glands is the most common causes. When an adult has acne it is a sign of a poor diet.

Rubbing lemon juice not the areas where acne & blackheads are, is one way to help control acne.

Other natural options that can assist with reducing the spread of acne are: Calendula gel, stevia extract drops, or propolis tincture.

You can use fresh pineapple slices over the affected area to reduce scarring.

Another way to reduce acne is to eat a whole, nutrient dense food.

Herbs such as Chickweed can help clear your skin.

No matter what stage you are in regarding acne, you can reverse its affects by correcting your diet, using herbs like Chickweed, and/or applying the tips stated earlier. Remember your skin is your biggest organ and a healthy lifestyle will assist in detoxifying and regulating imbalances in your body that causes acne.

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