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Misinformation or Truth

They have been a blatant deception going on and we as a people for the most aren't interested in the one thing that matters...THE TRUTH! If the truth doesn't matter then we will be responsible for whatever happens in the future that negatively affects us. All it takes is a proactive attitude and as the good book says (1 Thes. 5:21) "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." To clarify "prove all that you hear". This means no matter what is said on the TV, rather it be news or experts, we must verify it to be true. The problem is most people don't care and have this whatever happens, happens mentality. In the book of Proverbs it states (Proverbs 14:15) "The simple believers every words; but the prudent man locket well to his going." This means you don''t everything you hear, you verify it.

Now let me state the facts:

Arkansas's governor stated that the untaxed are the caused of the spiked numbers. The implication is that they are the cause of the spread and death due to the virus. Well, this is the numbers regarding that state: Total Cases 374K Total Deaths 6,054. As of this blog the new cases 1,022, new deaths 6. I didn't know that a virus being a pandemic is the same amount of deaths that is equal to a normal flu.

Texas numbers are as follows: Total Cases 3.07 million, Total Deaths 53,156. As of this blog their new cases are 1,398, total deaths 15. Again do these numbers look like the information being stated by the lead doctor of the U.S. or the news? We know the answer....

The truth is they are not being truthful in order to get shots in arms. Furthermore they are pushing this misinformation campaign stating a blog like this is misinformation even though I am using their numbers vs their statements. (I digress)

Now I keep hearing this thing about the delta variant of the virus. Well how do we know there is a variant called Delta? What have they proved; are we believing the talking points blindly? Did you know viruses mutants regularly, for example if you wear a mask to protect against the virus, the virus will mutant to mitigate the mask. If you don't believe me research yourself. But just remember no matter what is said the vaccine it's "SAFE & AFFECTIVE".

More facts:

Per the"official database to track the affects of the vaccine. As of July 16, 2021 they have been 1, 301,501 reports of adverse affects from the vaccine. 11,405 reported deaths & 20,957 total deaths. 36,117 hospitalizations, 113,640 total hospitalizations. Now the database only reports 10% of the real numbers.

The fact is when a vaccine is going through a trial & the numbers of deaths are supposed to matter. Thus far, the total deaths are more than ALL the vaccines combined that were tried over the last 20 years. In normal circumstances this vaccine would be pulled from the shelf. So ask yourself, why are the not informing the public of this truth or the number of deaths and adverse conditions? Why is it we are being flooded with this campaign that the vaccine is the answer to a problem that doesn't exists? I can assume the answer but it's up to every individual to decide for themself. Whatever your conclusion (I'm not going to judge) rather if you don't see eye to eye at least understand the apprehension isn't based on misinformation, it's based on the facts.

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